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Depending on the purpose of your vehicle, we can help you create a bespoke seating arrangement to suit your passengers. Choose from a large selection of both removable and fixed seating options, including tip-and-fold seats and tip-and-slide seats, which can be ‘bunched’ instead of completely removed or folded against the side of the vehicle to create space.

Specify the style and practicality of the seats, with wipe clean materials, hard seat backs, specialist seat belts and a large selection of fabric colours and patterns. Aswell as a variety of lightweight, luxury, high back and low back options.

The number of wheelchairs that you carry will effect the number of removable or foldaway seats you will need. As a rule of thumb based on a vehicle with a full compliment of seats we normally say to remove 4 seats for 1 wheelchair space.

The removable seats are fitted onto a lockable seat fixture that connects into the floor tracking to allow a seat to be slid backwards and forwards or completely removed. We can help you select the best fixtures to accompany your seats.

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