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Underfloor lifts are a popular choice if you want to maximise space in the vehicle saloon. The lift is located in a galvanised casette box underneath the vehicle chassis.

Underfloor lifts are very easy to operate, there are varying platform sizes depending on your vehicle, however they are better suited to long wheel base vehicles.

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Inboard lifts are located at the rear of the vehicle and so take up a bit more room in the saloon of the vehicle. You are able to choose from a number of platform designs varying in length and width. Some platforms split as they fold away, to provide a passageway through the back doors. Another design folds in a half within its length so that it does not block the view through the rear door windows.



Ramps are best suited to vehicles which only require occasional wheelchair access. Unlike electric lifts the ramp is not flat so it is recommend a winch is installed to assist the wheelchair up the slope.

Ramps are only suitable on certain vehicles. If the vehicle has more than 8 seats, rear air suspension must be specified to help achieve the legal gradient requirement